Across the Landscape of My Heart

14 June –7 July  2018

open daily 10 AM to 6 PM or until the start of the evening festival programme


Castle Brewery, European Training Centre, Jiráskova 133, Litomyšl


vernissage | 14 June from 6 PM

curator | Michael Zachař

promoted by | BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND in collaboration with Miroslav Macek

“When I was a little boy, I often saw my father, standing stock still for a long while in front of some of the pictures, silent, as though somewhere else in spirit, but with a special, furtive, unearthly smile on his face,” is how the collector describes the experience which formed his relationship to art. The exhibition Across the Landscape of my Heart will be of the private collection of the Macek family, focussed on Mařák and his followers, and which has not previously been shown to the public as a whole. The collector describes the Mařák school as follows: “The traditional theme of Mařák’s pupils: the sun in the woods. A play of light and shadow, many shades of green and brown and the sun’s rays struggling through the leaves to form an image from which you can feel the softness of grass and moss and hear the rustling of leaves and the birdsong. Far from the madding crowd…”

Josef Bárta, Václav Březina, Ota Bubeníček, Bohuslav Dvořák, Ferdinand Engelmüller, Roman Havelka, Josef Holub, Jan Honsa, Alois Kalvoda, František Kaván, Karel Langer, Stanislav Lolek, Arno Novák, Jaroslav Panuška, Bedřich Plaške, Augustin Satra and Josef Ullmann – all of these can be seen at the exhibition.

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