Josef Váchal’s Travelogue


23 March – 7 July 2019

open Tue-Sun 9 a.m. – 12 a.m., 1 p.m. –5 p.m.

Portmoneum – Josef Váchal Museum, Terézy Novákové 75, Litomyšl

guided tour | on 16 June from 3 p.m.

curators | Hana Klimešová, Hana Klínková

promoted by | Portmoneum – Josef Váchal Museum, Regional Museum in Litomyšl, Museum of the Czech Literature Prague

This exhibition presents Váchal’s working trip to the Vysočina (Highlands) area, which he undertook together with Josef Portman and Anna Macková. The journey from Litomyšl via Žďárské vrchy and back took place in August 1921, a period of intense friendship between the three protagonists. Váchal’s pictures and humorous commentary describe not just the individual stages of their trip but shine with its unique and companionable atmosphere. The sketchbook with the title Cestopisák [Travelogue], or Vandrovní knížka dvou poutníků a jedné poutnice [Wandering Book with Two Pilgrims and One ‘Pilgrimmess’] was drawn by Váchal in the space of two days immediately after the trip while he was still staying in Litomyšl with the Portmans. Now we are returning to the place of its creation. Váchal’s coloured illustrations, adapted in the form of a comic, will be seen complete by visitors thanks to reproductions. They will not however lose the chance to see the original Cestopisák, exhibited with other period documentary materials. In the exhibition catalogue a complete reprint of this work is published as well as an expert commentary supplemented with pictorial and photographic appendices. The catalogue and the exhibition are presented in both Czech and English. The exhibition commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the deaths of Anna Macková and Josef Váchal.

The patron of the exhibition is the First Vice-Governor of the Pardubice Region, Roman Línek.

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