Watching the Sky

Landscape paintings from the collections of VČG in Pardubice, dedicated to Karel Malich

long-term display from 27 March 2019

open Tue-Sun 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

East Bohemian Gallery Pardubice, Zámek 3, Pardubice

curator | Hana Řeháková

promoted by | East Bohemian Gallery Pardubice

The exhibition presents a stage in the of development of Czech landscape painting. It Illustrates how artists approached the countryside where they created their works, and shows different ways of perceiving nature. Selected pictures show the journey from paintings of perfect landscapes, which is is associated with working in the studio, to painting outdoors, beneath the open sky. The installation includes a collection of selected works by Karel Malich, an artist who throughout his life remained faithful to the landscape of his childhood – his native Holice. The exhibited works show the artist's deep love of nature, the ability to perceive, to experience and express in literary and art form the special feeling of the harmony of man with the universe.

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