Litomyšl Architectural Manual

Litomyšl architecture and public spaces, their history and creators “in a nutshell” and online.

The Litomyšl Architectural Manual (LAM), back by the Municipal Gallery in Litomyšl is an online expert-popularised Czech-English database of 143 local architectural and art objects and modifications to the public space, which will serve you as a “smart” guide to the town.

Type into your computer, smartphone or tablet and with the aid of an interactive map you can take one of five trails which will show you the most interesting features of Litomyšl that have arisen from 1900 to the present. The transformations of the town over nearly twelve decades is illustrated by the rich visual accompaniment, which includes more than 2,500 items. The database also provides the life stories of architects, architectural studios and artists who worked here.

We wish you inspiring reading, viewing and reminiscing about and discovering Litomyšl!