Zbyněk Hraba – Linomyšlení

25th March–29th October 2023

Portmoneum – Josef Váchal Museum, T. Novákové 75, Litomyšl

opening hours | Tue-Sun 9:00–12:00, 13:00-17:00

curator | Hana Klimešová

promoted by | Regional Museum Litomyšl

Zbyněk Hrabala (born 1960) is one of only a few artists who has fully devoted his work to linocut. He studied at the Secondary Technical School of Graphics in Prague and then in the Studio of Book Culture and Typography under Prof. Milan Hegar at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. For a number of years he worked as an art editor in various publishing houses while designing logotypes and graphic design of books, magazines and exhibition catalogues.

The prints on display represent all the main areas Zbyněk Hraba explores – nature, music, still life and portrait. Like Josef Váchal, he is able to print his multicolour linocuts from a single block that he gradually carves away for individual colours. And just like the famous artist, Zbyněk Hraba too, likes to wander through nature, capturing its mood, the play of light and shadow, the moment of perfect but very ephemeral lighting.

Moreover, he uses a range of cuts that enliven the work almost to the point of animation. With landscapes, he manages to infuse his prints with movement and atmosphere that is absent with other artists who use the linocut technique.

Accompanying programme:

24th June, 13:00–16:00
Linomyšlení with Zbyněk Hraba
Come and try out the linocut technique under the guidance of the artist.

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