Rudolf Burda ∞

16th June–2nd July 2023

Castle Brewery, Jiráskova 133, Litomyšl

opening hours | Mon–Sun 10:00–17:00

opening ceremony | 15th June at 17:30

curator | Lenka Lindaurová

To describe the works of Rudolf Burda, it is best to use the language of physics, namely quantum theory. Looking at the gleaming multi-layered glass eyes, a parallel comes to mind with the principle of superposition. In the sphere, several states of matter seem to come together that we are not familiar with from the real world. Similarly, objects from polished stainless steel generate several optical illusions at once, whose “reality” is not a simple universe but a whole multiverse. A number of metaphysical questions emerge prompted by the efforts to understand what is happening to us as observers, what elusive story of pure beauty have we just found ourselves in. On the other hand, a certain austerity, minimalism and the author’s self-discipline define the clarity which is key to the this reality, the place in the world. Quantum theory and art both teach us that the world is full of surprises.

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From the opening ceremony: