One Ghost a Day Chases Ten Doctors Away

17th June–29th October 2023

Portmoneum – Josef Váchal Museum, T. Novákové 75, Litomyšl

opening hours | Tue–Sun 9:00–12:00, 13:00–17:00

opening ceremony | 16th June at 21:30

curators | Aleš Hvízdal, Hana Klimešová

promoted by | Regional Museum Litomyšl

The Litomyšl locals whisper to each other: “The Gawker was heard saying that the Goblins from Portmoneum are jealous of his three dimensions. Why do they only have to make do with two?” That is why they are plotting to try and fly through the three-dimensional space around here, and they've already hatched a plan I hear! In the winding smoke the Goblins from the paintings will shake hands with the people who are spiritually connected with them. A team of artists and scientists are trying to figure out how to capture this moment, invisible to mere mortals' eyes, and then show it to the visitors arriving at night. Until 29th October, fragments of their research can be seen in the garden.

Authors: Okultí Artist Group (Aleš Hvízdal, Vanda Kováříková, Lukáš Kalivoda, Tereza Bartůňková, Peter Cuker, Petr Horák, Marek Volf, Michal Panoch, Marek Čihař).

Accompanying programme:

8th July, 5th August at 21:30
Gnomes Come To Life, Come Join Them!

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From the opening ceremony: