Jiří Příhoda
½ Universum

17th June–16th July 2023

PRIHODAars, s. r. o., Lubná 43

opening hours | Fri–Sun 13:00–18:00, Mon–Thu only by phone appointment (+420 604 230 296)

opening ceremony | 16th June at 17:00, guest of honour: Prof. Eva Eisler

curator | Martina Pachmanová

The oeuvre of Jiří Příhoda oscillates between sculpture and architecture. His method, or even obsession, is the idea of eternal return – once he chisels a topic to imaginary perfection, he comes back to the initial premises and tries to redefine the once completed journey, to awaken the potential of imagination for a new mode of perception of an already tested structure of our reality.

In his Křivka Studio, the author will present his flagship installation called 08.23.1993 completed and presented for the first time at the Rudolfinum Gallery at his solo exhibition last year. While here the installation tackled the grandeur of the Neo-Renaissance entrance hall, in Lubná it reflects the austere farmhouse, renovated but much older than the famous Rudolfinum.

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