It's Best To Wheel One’s Barrow Alone

Portmoneum, T. Novákové 75, Litomyšl

Books by Josef Váchal or about Josef Váchal, published by Paseka Publishing during 20 years of existence

Organised by Josef Váchal Museum

exhibition running until 30 September 2010

open daily from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 5 o'clock

Upon their foundation, Paseka Publishing were inspired by the works of graphic artist, painter, writer and mysticist Josef Váchal who perceived the landscape as a piece of art. The publishing house was also named after one of the three autobiographical figures from Váchal's Bloody Novel. The Bloody Novel was also the first book published, and although the publishing house have been focusing more on historiographical and quality Czech and translated literature since then, they have never forgotten about Váchal and have published many of his books during their 20 years' existence, which the author originally created by hand in only a few pieces and general public thus had no chance to get to them. Thanks to quality prints the reader gets a perfect idea of not only the content but also the form of such unique works.

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