Till 2003

Even the first year of the Smetana's Litomyšl Opera Festival in 1949 was complemented with a concurrent exhibition of fine arts. On Saturday 4 June 1949 in the afternoon the exhibition "Masters of the Czech 19th Century Art" was opened. We can say therefore that Smetana's Creative Litomyšl has a history as long as the music festival. Even though the visual art exhibitions were held almost every year, only from the beginning of the 21st century the project was being prepared systematically. In 2000 the sculptures by Arnold Bartůněk were displayed in the Castle Brewery and photographs by Jan Šibík were displayed in Toulovcovo náměstí; in 2001 Jadran Šetlík decorated the rooms for invited guests; in 2002 Jiří Moták exhibited his spiritual art in the same rooms. An exhibition of Bohdan Kopecký took place in 2003; a new series of paintings created by this author in Hawaii in 2003 was exhibited in 2004.